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How good are they...?

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Just got back from Academy Outdoors and stumbled on what appears to be a good deal on AR-15 magazines. They are "Red Jacket" brand of magazines. They appear to be no frills milspec aluminum bodies, with green followers and hold 30 rounds. While they aint P-Mags, they are only 9.99 each on clearance sale and previously marked 17.99 each IIRC!!!

Are these decent enough quality wise I should go get some while the getting is good?
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Well I loaded up a few mags and did a cycling only test through my Mossberg MVP bolt action. Here is what I found...

The factory Mossberg 10 round was by far the best of the three brands I tried. As it very well should be. Just not sure I can justify the price they are probably asking for 2-3 extras when I can probably buy a 30 rounder that will work just fine and also be practical in my AR's.

The Red Jacket Mags...well the feel a bit fraile and delicate. Feeding was kind of a 50/50 proposition unless I really briskly cycled the bolt. I guess for 8.99 each you cant expect a whole lot, huh. They might work out better in a AR but I haven't tried that yet.

The Gen III P-Mags I tried worked pretty dang good. Not quiet as good as the factory 10 rounder. I had an occasional hick up that required caming the bolt with some firm force. That could possibly be due to that Mag being brand spanking new too. That Mag ran me 22.00 at Bass Pro shop and is the version with the see through window.

Honestly, I cant imagine a need for more than a 10 round mag for this bolt action. That ought to be plenty of fire power on tap for anything I might use this gun for. I primarily got it for the good price that was on it, the fact that it was a very nice looking gun, the fact that it uses 5.56 ammo like my AR does and can use the same mags too! In fact I might get another one and have it rebarreled and chambered for the 6mmx45, now that would be a winning combination out to 300 yards and effciency in a cartridge at its best!!! I think I might hit Mossberg up and see about scoring another 2-3 10 rounders just because and then look at buying a 30 round Gen III P-Mag every payday for a while just to bolster the stock pile. I am definitely going to take the factory 10 rounder out and have it powder coated in OD Green or Coyote Tan. It would match the guns laminated stock much better and stick out a lot less than the factory black finish. I don't think the Coyotes here will notice much of a difference but it would look better on the gun.
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You do make a damn good point there Smitty901!

Im primarily sticking to them for the fact that I haven't found anything much better.

You could split the difference and try a 20 rd Colt mag...... I can't imaine trying to shoot from the prone position with a 30 rd mag hanging down like it does.
Cause they cost about the same as the 30's from what I have seen and most of these mags will end up being used in the AR unless we get over ran by mutant zombie gophers. That's kind why I will probably look at scoring a couple more factory 10 rounders from Mossberg although weith the bipod mounted on it, its doable, just not opitmal.
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