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Okay so I have a couple different ways to do it without electricity.....Only because my gramps taught me when I was a kid.

You can slice your meat extremely thin. Thin is the key. Soak liberally in some liquid smoke, salt, and any other spices you prefer for at least 24 hours. He used thick thread, or fishing line, and would sew it through the thin slices of meat and tie the pieces onto a "clothes line". He always did his inside, he strung the main line up in front of his woodburner where it was super hot air. Works like a charm, takes about 2 full days to dry.

I have a manual grinder (it's a workout) so it comes out like hamburger. Add your seasonings to the burger (lots of salt) and you can flatten it into disks or use a jerkey shooter (I have done both and they are equally good) and lay on racks to dry. I use a dehydrator w/ a blower. But if you have no electricity put racks indoors where they can get lots of sunlight and air.

***I just saw where people were using old wrecked cars as "food dehydrators". Laying the racks on the back seats. It would probably work pretty well, because think how hot a parked car gets in the summer.

The old wrecked cars also made great greenhouses!
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