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How do you buy guns?

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Just curious about folks in free states and other places.

Here in California we don't have it as bad as many would think. Our hand gun issues are the worst as the State must "approve" of a gun for it to be accessible for the people to buy. There is a way around it for some - you can make the unapproved gun a "single shot" by conversion, by it, and then convert it back and its still legal. We are limited to 10 round magazines on all guns, but again we can buy all the parts to a 30 round magazine and assemble them legally. Silliness I know.

We have gun shops. I work in one once in a while - guess you can call me a fill in guy when others are sick or the owner expects a busy weekend. The retailers get blasted by people for high prices. I know enough about the business and retail in general to know their mark ups in many cases are more than reasonable for trying to run a business and make a living - still people complain.

Online retailers, budsgunshop, brick/mortar and online (basspro / cabellas) and others like midway seem to have the best price points.

Today, and the reason I post this, was Mike (the owner) of a shop called me about one of my favorite guns the Ruger P95. Buds has them at $369, he just got 3 of them in stock and was listing them at $399. He had someone in the shop yesterday go off on him over the $30 difference and go online to a popular forum here and blast his shop for "stealing" from the consumer. The real irony in this story was the complainer uses the forum to sell his own firearms at one time and even has a Ruger 10/22 listed right now for $350. Hmm, Mike has a 10/22 brand new unused one for $279 but this guys used one is worth $350 - and he's complaining? The online forum for selling / buying does not have any limits on what someone can ask and we see some quite stupid asking prices often.

Do you ever buy at gunbroker, gunsamerica, buds, or through a private forum? I've used gunbroker, budsgunshop, my local shop (employee discount thanks) and the forum - I'm just curious how others go about it in other places?
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I normally walk in and go, " I want that one. Yeah that life taker right there with the extended magazine that pisses off those piece of shit democraps who can go **** themselves with a studded goldplated baseball bat with a smiling Obama picture on it."
The guy goes "OK. I go "Here's my CCW and DL." He goes "Fill out this 4473 please." I go "Here ya go bud." He goes " That will be $---.--." I go "Here you are." He goes "Thanks, aim for the heart and balls of young Travon Martins." I go " You know it. Have a good day." He goes, " You too. Come again." And that pretty much sums it up.

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I'm sorry I forgot. There's normally a bit more small talk about how much of a douchenozzle Obama and his fellow politicians are. How he married Chewbacca and why he couldn't go fly off on the Millennium Falcon instead of messing our country up anymore. How it's so pathetic of him to accept a Nobel prize for doing nothing, and a few more douchenozzles thrown in there. I look around for anything I may want in the future, pick up some random accessories while I'm there and shoot the shiat about what new guns are coming out. Then I take my new gun and accessories and leave. Thinking about how cool it would be on the way home to start a new prize for douchenozzlery and how Obama could be the first recipient.

1 - 2 of 56 Posts
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