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How about a DRILL Section?

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Topics will be hypothetical detailed scenarios of incidents and responses to the OP will be how they will go about reacting and surviving the event. So I guess this will be like kinda a role-play section, which will test our levels of preparedness, and they might help us contemplate and review on certain areas of our prepping when we see what might happen when faced with such incidents.

Scenarios will be varied - it can even be while a harrowing disaster is already taking place.
Responses should also be detailed. We can point out where someone makes a mistake in his procedure.

The OP should be very detailed since we'll need all the info to base our responses. The OP cannot add to the scenario later in the thread. If there is an addition to the scenario, it should be posted as a separate thread (incident) with all the full details.
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Okay. Forget I suggested anything.

Or, seeing that you're all senior members....I guess this is like a hazing for newbies?
You make fun of - and hijack - a newbie's thread? ;-)
We hijack and make fun of everybody's threads, especially each other's. I mean, a lot of the topics on this site are talking about the end of the world. If you do not throw a little humor in, it gets kind of morose.
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A lot of us are clueless because we've never seen or experienced can see it in some prepper forums when some talk about green products even when you're already faced with the apocalypse, or when they give gourmet recipes. yes, that was funny years back in a survivalist forum. Gourmet!
Finally, somebody posted various things you can do with Spam to make it less boring and how to extend the meal. The admin came on board and said something like - "At last! This is the kind of recipes we need!" ha-ha-ha

And really, if we plan to get food from planting seeds....boy, going green is the last thing you want! You want to ensure that plant survive - so go for the pesticide, if you can find any! You don't want to lose to bugs or plant disease. Imho. We can fix earth later when things stabilize and starts heading for civilization again.
I disagree.

A lot of us live from our preps everyday. I know several folks on this board, myself and Mrs Inor included, who do not stockpile food and mall-ninja garb waiting for some zombie apocalypse. We raise our own food, process it by hand using the old-fashioned methods, and basically incorporate our prepping into our everyday lives. Since I really hate eating bad food, I love it when folks post "gourmet" recipes.
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