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How about a DRILL Section?

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Topics will be hypothetical detailed scenarios of incidents and responses to the OP will be how they will go about reacting and surviving the event. So I guess this will be like kinda a role-play section, which will test our levels of preparedness, and they might help us contemplate and review on certain areas of our prepping when we see what might happen when faced with such incidents.

Scenarios will be varied - it can even be while a harrowing disaster is already taking place.
Responses should also be detailed. We can point out where someone makes a mistake in his procedure.

The OP should be very detailed since we'll need all the info to base our responses. The OP cannot add to the scenario later in the thread. If there is an addition to the scenario, it should be posted as a separate thread (incident) with all the full details.
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Anyway, thanks for explaining. I guess I've been lucky so far that the few threads I've opened and participated in have been serious in their discussion. The main issue of this board is quite serious - and if juvenile humor takes dominance and becomes the norm, who'll take the board seriously? Seriously. :)
It depends on the topic my friend. If you have been reading posts here for a while, you should know that some pretty serious discussions happen here. I have seen some of them get ugly enough that some got tossed.

This board has some really good people and a lot of ideas get tossed around here. Stick around, I think you'll grow to like it here. :smile:
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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