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Hotshot gal

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.....or how to be a soprano in roughly seven steps.
Ouch! Looks like she can break a lot more than just your heart!
Nice vid..

But, her grip is horrible on the pistols. I'm surprised she didn't lose the Taurus. She was holding the AR such that hitting anything would be a surprise. A little better with the ak but did you notice her trigger grip?

Other than that.. Cute girl.
I'll bet she was shown by her father . Cute but only get u so far.
Yep, women can be evil incarnate. Good luck to the guy who's stupid enough to cheat on her.
Surprisingly my wife suddenly expressed interest in learning to shoot a couple of years back. Took her to a friend's range and let he try my .22 target pistol. Thought it was a hoot and half. Said she felt empowered. So paid for the XD9, 4" she picked out. From the get go she is a lot better shot (tighter grouping than me, might be my eyes). Nice to know she has my back.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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