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I have been prepping for about a month now and things are moving slowly but it is moving. Well around the Holidays people give me fruit so much that alot goes to waste or I give it away well a few weeks ago I thought about a canning the fruit. Then it hit me dehydrate it so I sat down and came up with my homemade dehydrator and it worked well I dehydrated 5 lbs of apples (about 12 hours) with cinnoman on top. Took cores and peels and made apple jelly. I posted this in my introduction to this site and people wanted some details about my dehydrator so here goes. Hope others get use out of this info.

1- sheet of 3/4 plywood cut to these dimensions
2 pc 13.5" x 18" top/bottom 2 pc 18"x27" sides 2pc 13.5"x28.5" back/door I used 2pc 2"X2"x18" for bottom corner supports the 3/4 wood is thick enough to screw into itself however.

once the box was assembled I used 10pc 2"x2"x 17.5" for shelf supports (screw in from outside as it is tight inside the box) started about 8" from the bottom then eyeballed my spacing for the rest I got five shelves could really do seven.

I drilled 2 small holes in the bottom and fed the cut female end of an extension cord through them wired 2 porcelin light fixtures and secured down unto the bottom but in 2 60 watt bulbs. (use 2 1"x4" scrapes of plywood to elevated fixtures off of bottem you can see it in pics)

Drill 4 3/4" holes in the sides for ventilation 2 about 1" from botton the other 2 about halfway up (cover with screen wire to keep out bugs)

Drill 6 3/4" holes in top to vent keep the air moving

Optional I have not done it yet but I am going to install a small fan to help with circulation

hope this give you enough info if not PM me I will not mind

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