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I have made these when I was a kid. Use cane if possible. Cut the stalk, let it dry out really good. You can strengthen the stalk so it doesn't split by putting fingernail polish on it. Run a small clothes hanger through the stalk to get the pulp out. To make the darts, get a good long needle, preferably one with an eye on the end and not with a head so that it can go down into the actual dart better. For the tail, ideal would be to use horse hair. If you don't have that, use feathers. Wrap the body of the dart around the horse hair very tight and make sure it fits good. For the body, make a peg like object about the size of your little pinky.

You can also use those cheap curtain rods for the blowgun. Just put a drop or two of oil inside so the dart doesn't stick. Always be careful and make sure you don't inhale the dart. Inhale before you put your mouth up to the blowgun, then with a sharp, quick burst, shoot. Great for small game. I used to do this just for fun around the house and would see how far I could stick it in the walls.

The typical blowgun nowadays would cost you about $15 to 20 bucks, but that's very cheap compared to what a gun or crossbow would be. Not good for fending off raiders though. lol.
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