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Home Security/Replacing Sliding Glass doors

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Moved into our (almost) dream home a few yrs ago and am now in the process of planning renovations. There are two sliding glass doors on the first level of the home. The one is in the master bedroom, its old and we would like to remove it and have just a wall put in. The other is an old sliding glass door to the mudroom and we would like to replace that with a more secure door. What are your thoughts on the most secure door I could replace the existing with? I have an opening of approx 72x80, so the simplest option would be another sliding or a french door, however, I feel having this type of door on the ground floor leaves us vulnerable. We would like to keep the cost down of course, but I was wondering if anyone had any insight into a more secure option of the that size opening. We are in a cold climate so keeping heat in is a priority too!
Thanks in advance.
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wOW!! That film looks great. Even if just to stop gravel kicked up by the lawn mower (been there, broke that). Did you have it installed by a dealer, or did you buy it and install it yourself?
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I heard someone at work talk about it and looked into it. You can do it yourself but I had doubts doing it that it would turn out good! I had the
company that sold 3M film install it and they did a great job! I have a little stronger option film than seen in the video and installed in 2009 and
so far so good you would never know it is there! Film goes on from the inside and installer said only thing he had seen a few times where a cat with sharp claws may
leave marks. There are other companies besides 3M but I was so impressed I ran with them! They do this for cars now and I'm going to do that next!
I think i would have someone install it too, i would hate to mess it up and waste the $$
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