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I am retired but still perform some church duties when called upon or asked. I am a metal smith - lathe, mill, forming, welding, etc., I work on my own guns and sometimes do work for my brother on his.
I work with leather - rattles and drums to holsters and sheaths.
I am building a 66 Mustang for hill climb and restoring two 73 Mavericks for daily transportation.
I designed and am building my shop and a garage - needed after the move.
I design and build legal weapons, knives and guns that are not for sale. I have designed and built working models of a fluid (dynamic camber) wing, a six speed transmission that simplifies the power train and utilizes a "quick change" gearset at the output shaft, and designed several four cycle engines and rotary valve heads.
I used to have a business building Ford C4 transmissions for street and track use for engines up to 1000 hp and I have invented a few things to make them work better. I am designing and plan to build an ultralight airplane, an electric hub motor that should be 95% efficient and a compound crossbow that should have an effective accuracy range of about 150 yards. I go to the range three times a week when my work on the garage and shop allow it, compete in small bore silhouette monthly and get together for family days once a month. In my spare time I write prose and poetry, get on here, a political discussion board, and a shooting board. I have written engineering software - exterior ballistics, gasoline engine planner and some aircraft design software to lighten the amount of math I have to do for those jobs but they are all written for DOS. If I wanted to spend the money to keep up with the latest OSs I could import them to windows and linux as they are written in C but it is just as easy for me to run them on my DOS computer.
My Linux machine will do anything my Windows computer will and has been a lot more reliable than the win 7 software. I have duplicates of all my writing, drawings and reloading data on all three machines so it is unlikely that I could lose any of my work or records.
For entertainment I design (with no intention to build) bombs of all kinds, smoke canisters and other useless items of fantasy.
I really can't call prepping a hobby because it is just the way I live and have lived since the very early 70s.
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