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I have too many interests to list them here but one in particular that I've dreamed about for years yet haven't taken the time to accomplish is really scaring the hell out of kids on Halloween on a huge scale. Seems the more you scare them the more they like it... then they go round up their friends so they can watch them get scared. Of course I need to work out the details so nobody could be hurt... physically anyway. Emotionally scared for life is fine.
So far the best I have done is crumble up sugar cookies so they look like cat litter. Place it in a NEW plastic cat litter box, then place melted Tootsie Roll candies in them. The best reactions come from parents. Offer them a kitty box treat... then bite one & describe how delicious they are. Weeks later, if they are talking to you only then can you explain what it really was you ate.
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