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Hi from the Netherlands, DBP signing in!

DBP stands for the Dutch Budget Prepper, i'm a father (32) of two boys and married to a great women!

A while ago we had a big electrical fail in the power grid, that was the moment when i became a prepper/survivalist.
i was thinking what to do without any electricity? there will be no gas, water, supermarkets closes..... and so on and on....
and i have 2 little boys so i've made my decision.

I BECAME A PREPPER with a love for military rations and MRE's (please don't start a discussion how about this and that.... I KNOW!)

i was searching on the internet for mre's and i found out its very difficult to get some in the Netherlands but with hard work i found them!

And i wanted to show the world what they where about.
So i made a YT channel and today i can celebrate my 200th subscriber!! i'm proud!
if you are interested, please search on youtube for dutch budget prepper, visit my channel and subscribe,

if you want to know more, just ask!

nice meeting you all!

greetz Dutch budget prepper


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Welcome to the group from Southern Arizona.
Land of Sun, Surf, and Sand.
Ok, I lied, no surf, unless you count the flash floods
in the washes, but there’s enough sand to fill
all the dang sand bags I’ll ever need!
Grab a stump and sit a spell.
I’d get you a virtual a beer.
One of the first things I learned here,
There are people a whole lot smarter than me,
and those who think they are a whole lot smarter than me.

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Welkom! Glad to have you. I am of Dutch heritage myself. I also visited the homeland circa 2000 and enjoyed it quite a bit. You can learn quite a bit here, I encourage you to stick around and jump into the deep end of the pool.

I noticed you promoted your YouTube channel, which is great, but I truly hope you are here to learn, share and be part of the community.

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