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Hey Everyone.

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I'm completely new to prepping. I've gotten very interested in it after watching Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic. I have loads to learn on just about every topic there is - self defense, food, medicine, shelter, etc... I'm hoping to find out all I need by browsing the forums and asking questions.
I am a do-it-yourself kind of guy so I like to be creative. One thing I'm hoping to learn more about is how to build an underground shelter using a shipping conex (Or if underground shelters are even necessary- or if shipping conexes are the best option). I hope to do this when I've saved up enough money to buy some land to bury one on.

Thanks for reading.
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Welcom from Southern Minnesota. I look forward to hearing some of the DIY things you come up with. I love DIY.

As for Doomsday Preppers, none of us are crazy enough to give away the knowledge of our exact preps, nor our locations like they do. Think about it. Their neighbors now know where to go for goodies. duh. We are all willing to share knowledge and ask questions. (But don't ask me much, I'm green to this also.) :???:
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