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I managed to find a CFP-90 pack in excellent condition on eBay for under 80 bucks, and would like some assistance in modifying this to fit my needs.

A disclaimer for those who have heard horrible things about the CFP-90, the horror stories of packs busting open at the seams only happens on packs manufactured by F.C.I. out of South Dakota, they broke regulation and decided to cut costs by using non mil spec materials which proved to hurt them greatly. If you have one manufactured by SDS, DJ Manufacturing or the actual designer of the pack, Alpine Lowe, you're good to go.

Avoid all copies sold by Rothco or the like, like the plague. These are knock-offs made in South Korea out of "tactical polyester".

First some general information about the pack:

The CFP-90 is an internal frame pack, which uses two aluminum bars as it's frame. It uses a rather aggravating and unreliable track and clamp system for adjusting the shoulder straps. The pack is made out of 1000D Cordura with a PU type backing. It has a removable and re-positionable back support pad, It has three side pockets, two on one side, one long one on the other, all the pouches have a draw string and cord lock, a nylon loop for passing a compression strap through, and all the pouches have their own backing material are only sewn on at both vertical ends, allowing for objects like axes, skis, etc to be slipped behind them and secured. The pack does have load lifter straps. The main compartment flap has a map pouch similar to that found on ALICE packs. All the plastic hardware is ITW Nexus, not sure of the origins of the metal components. The back of the pack does have ALICE webbing. There is a patrol pack that clips onto either the top or the back of the pack. The main compartment does have a snow collar. The main compartment has a false bottom, made up of two flaps that are attached by some gutted paracord. The sleeping bag compartment has it's own zipper and can be accessed when the main pack has contents in it.

Sorry to those of you who own this pack, or aren't blind but I think it's necessary to list what the pack has going for it, and what it doesn't off hand before listing modifications.

Here's a photo set of the pack, showing various details of the pack.

Now for the mods.

Keep in mind that I'm no pack expert, nor do I have any idea of what I'm talking about, so if you know better please do reply and tell me why I'm wrong as I have absolutely no experience in pack design what so ever.

If you also have insight that would help me preform these mods, or know of someone who is willing to do them for a reasonable price, that is even more appreciated.

Here is what I have in mind based on my observations of other modern packs:

Remove middle ALICE webbing and add in MOLLE between the top and bottom

Replace Shoulder straps and waist belt with ILBE Shoulder straps, ILBE Waist Belt, and implement a less adjustable yet more reliable strap adjustment system:

Just to illustrate how skimpy the straps and waist belt are, here is a picture of the CFP-90 compared to an ILBE.

I will also need to fabricate or purchase a back pad for the waist belt as the one on the ILBE is not removable and is permanently attached to it.

I have already procured the tongues that fit into the ILBE straps quick release buckles, so that isn't a problem.

Remove and save side pouches, and either adapt for MOLLE or PLCE compatible rucksack pouch attachment.

The above ties into the next mod which is to add in PLCE bergen zippers to accept PLCE/Berghaus pouches:

Here is what the pouches look like attached to a compatible pack:

Another interesting thing about PLCE side pouches is they can be fashioned into a daypack:

As far as my own ideas for mods, I've reached the end of them.

Again, any and all suggestions are welcome.

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how about instead of a pad work out a way to use a folded wool blanket held on there somehow. That would pad you up pretty good and remain functional.
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