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Help improve my BOB

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Okay, this list is currently of what I have, I KNOW it's not much, but it's what i have been able to scrap together so far paying for college out of pocket and working at a deli :-|

Sewing Kit
Basic Medical Supplies (Bandages, Large Bandages, Tape, etc.)
250 Box Matches
Military Scissors (Tough sonsabitches)
Insect Repellant
Thermal Gloves
Weather Radio
Weather Proof Matches
Fingerless Wool Gloves
100 ft. Paracord
Hand Warmer x 4
Snare Wire
Pair Of Socks x 3
Stainless Steel Coffee Can
Flashlight (Not LED, to me those would give a position away to easily, this one is just bright enough to vaguely light up a map or compass.)
Small Wool Blanket
Small Soap Bar

To Get
Portable Water Purifier
UTG Sportsman Tactical Scenario Vest (Still browsing, may choose another vest)
More Spare Ammo
Mil-spec Waterproof 50L pack (Already ordered, but won't arrive for a good 2 weeks)
Nicon P-223 AR-15 Scope (It is a ACOG (I think) specifically designed for the AR-15 and 5.56 NATO rounds)
Backpack Tarp

AR-15 w/ Adjustable Butt stock / 3-Point Sling / Quad Rail / Fore grip / Bi-pod / Mounted Laser Sight (For close quarters) / 8 Magazines fully loaded
Glock Handgun w/ 3 extra mags fully loaded.
SOG Survival Knife

Again, this is a very basic list. I know you guys know what your talking about so I would value your input over anyone i currently know. As far as what i'm prepping for ? Anything in general.

NOTICE** - Removed the obviously stupid stuff, so now im down to these.
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This is just a quick reply. I don't understand a few of the things your carrying and why they'd be that important for the weight like the screwdriver set, duct tape, dish soap, manual hair cutter, etc., but I'm not the one using them. Toss the 250 matches and get yourself a good fire steel and carry a spare BIC lighter or two. The weather proof matches are enough, though I have never found matches to light enough fires for there weight and space. I use lighters and fire steels. A good fire steel can light thousands fires if you're efficient. I notice a large lack of food too for starters. And no work gloves mentioned. They can also supplement as warmers too. I like Mechanix originals.
Most of what you mentioned my mother thought to be a good idea, and not having that much in my BOB to begin with i thought why the hell not. I will grab one of those Fire starters on my next amazon bulk purchase. I do have 2 BIC lighters i can toss in my pack as well. And yes, i have not been able to come across anything short of bulky canned foods. If someone could reccomend something for that aspect i would GREATLY appreciate it. As well ill look into those Mechanix gloves, thank you Fuzzee.
Thanks a million for that ! Ill be sure to save up and snag some of those.
If it was me, I would delete the following...

Splint x 1 - How many broken bones you gonna have?
250 Box Matches - Take a lighter and firesteel
Military Scissors - Use the knife
Small Dawn Dish Soap - You aren't carrying dishes, wash stuff with dirt or sand
Gas Siphon - You don't have a container for gas or a need for gas
Thermal Gloves - Take one pair of gloves
AA Batteries - Avoid people and don't worry about trading while bugging out
Weather Radio - Hold your hand out. If it gets wet, it's raining. Besides, the weatherman is usually wrong.
Weather Proof Matches - Take a lighter and firesteel
Fingerless Wool Gloves - Take one pair of gloves
Archery Glove - Take one pair of gloves
Hand Warmer x 4 - Use your pockets
Hand Wipes - Use your shirt
Soap - Maybe a small bar of hotel soap
Hand Sanitizer - No idea what this is or why you need it
Manual Hair Cutter - Ummmmm
Pair Of Socks x 2 - You can wash socks if you find a stream

I would add...

A washcloth
a 5x7 or 6x8 backpack tarp for shelter or to wear if it's raining
Some sort of sleep system; wool blanket or light sleeping bag
A small flashlight
A stainless steel water bottle that you can boil water in
A stainless steel cup you can cook in

Personally, I hate quad rails, they are too bulky. I would forget the bipod, foregrip and laser too. Get a good red dot or holo sight and hide from anything beyond 200 yards. 8 mags is a lot of mags, but if you can carry them, OK.

Anyway, just my 2 cents. <shrug>
Yeah i removed all the obviously silly stuff, and walla, now i have a ton more room :) Im fixin to update my list to show what i've gotten so far.
Just because you have more room doesn't mean you should take more stuff. Just sayin.

Once you get your bag together, strap it on and walk 4 miles, then see if you can jog another mile. If not, you have too much stuff.

When yer carrying it on your back, less is usually more. :)

Redundancy in CRITICAL systems is good. Have a few ways to purify or carry water. Have more than one way to make fire. It's easy to get carried away with this though.

I remember an episode of Doomsday Preppers (a really funny show) where this guy had a huge BOB (technically a Get Home Bag) that included like 5 or 6 ways to make fire, filter water, and so on. The funny thing was that all this was to get him home through 6 blocks in NYC. I mean really? All he needed was... nothing. Walk the freaking 6 blocks already.
Didn't think of it that way, haha.
The only other "big" item i believe I am going to add is a 1 person olive drab tent (I'll say its small enough I won't sleep comfy, but it can be put up and taken down and ready to go in a minute) And as far as what you said earlier about a tarp, I am going to get a poncho for rain weather. Everything else will be smaller tiered items, but i will note not to completely fill up the pack :) I only hope that I can find a place around here that i could actually go for a 4 mile walk or so with my bag to give it the test . . . without getting the cops called on me. A huge portion of my area is not heavy urban, but urban nonetheless.
Whats up Notable I live in your area bro but you may want to take your city down. I am prolly the meanest guy posting on here and I wouldnt put down my city. Also forget the Vest find a Molle vest that thing is tactically a joke it tries to do everything but does nothing well a molle will let you customize your rig for comfort/ease of use/your particular equipment it will be alittle more expensive but you can buy it in increments as you increase your supplies also it opens up the market of molle adaptable accessories. medically I would say take a look at a thread i started. but essentially keep the band aids if you want them but grab some kerlex and ace wrap at a minimum also some triangular cravats make for improvised tourniquets or splinting material one. UG there I go again how much space do you have to spare. I never see this in the bag lists but any foot soldier will tell you TAKE A SLEEPING MAT it will improve the quality of your sleep and make you more productive during the day and less sore as well as reduce your caloric need.
Many thanks for your post. Do you know of where i could find a good MOLLE vest ? I knew of MOLLE Packs, never heard of the vest. Thank you for the link as well to that thread, I guess that is 1 major aspect i have to be working on. And trust me when i say, I will have PLENTY of room for a sleeping mat. This bag i got is actually bigger then I originally expected (Not to the point of a burden) So i will have plenty of room for it, I just didn't know if one would be practical or not, but i will try and find a compact one, thanks again for the info !
honestly Amazon or something like that i know for a fact all the "tactical" stores within 150 miles of us suck except one but you wont want to buy there they sell premium tactical gear I mean preemo stuff I got my war belt there for 180 bucks kydex lining kevlar soft armor but it may give you ideas. But if your willing to do some travling you may and this is a big may find stuff in second hand stores in crestview there is a large military community there so some of their stuff will trickle into pawn shops and 2nd stores theres also a couple pawns around milton that have a very limited selection. this is an example Colt Knives 3000 Tactical Gear MOLLE Vest with Black Heavy Duty Nylon Construction: Sports & Outdoors I wouldnt buy that vest but it gives you an idea what a molle is also I wanted to ask what your experience with firearms is that scope isnt the acog i know of i could be wrong but an acog doesnt look a thing like it I always recommend a reflex sight for close in guns such as a eo tech, cco, elcan, doctor sight <--dont know how to spell that one
Aah that's one i looked at, just didn't know if i was looking at the correct type of vest. As far as firearm's experience, my only experience so far is lobbin rounds down range. As far as the sight goes, I know it isn't a acog, i just couldnt think of a way to describe it, I guess a Hunting Scope would be a better description. The reason i was looking at this scope in particular is that it can adjust to anywhere between 3x - 9x. I've seen 3x scopes, and personally love them. The reason i started to lean away from the reflex sights and such is that I don't want a scope that relies on batteries for the sight, and most of the reflexes and all of the holographics i looked at required batteries for the red dot. I know you could carry extra batteries, but that is probably me just nit picking.
well I know of one that doesn't need batteries and thats the elcan its a 2300 dollar sight at this point because it has both 1.5 power and 6 power on it an amazing sight in my opinion. So reflex sights are usually battery reliant so if that's a major feature of your bug out plan than go for it i just ask because reflex sights take alot of the newb(for want of a better term) out of shooting thats why the army switched to them plus any on the move shooting or shooting from behind awkward cover is gonna throw your aim off the eye relief needs to be exactly the same every time sight picture etc etc so its worth it for any shooting up to 300 meters for sure 500 if the mechanics of your shooting are good and you understand trajectory
My family will be taking a trip soon where i will be able to test the longer range shooting with this scope. And i understand its issues with close range, that is why i was considering getting this scope with a Laser on the side of my Quad rail with a button on the foregrip. Once i sight the laser in, it can be good for the ranges the scope could not cover (Or if constant moving an action happening) Then again, as you pointed out, I dont have as much experience with firearms as i should, so i cannot claim how effective this would be.
the wool blanket is a real good idea. They double as tarps and absorb rainwater to drink
I honestly never would have thought about using it to absorb rainwater, Thanks for that comment Leon !
Thank you to everyone who provided links with good food supplements ! Will look those over as well and research a few more. And thank you HuntingHawk for those suggestions, will work on those as well !
Make sure your vest will work with your pack if you're going to be wearing both.

I just add a few pouches to my pack's waist belt and stuff things into my pockets if I absolutely have to. The amount of weight you carry counts everything from the top of your head to the soles of your shoes. Lighter loads mean faster travel and ultimately, your chances of success.

You can walk around your neighborhood with a pack. If you don't want to carry your weapons, carry their equivalent weight. If your neighbors ask, tell them you are training for an assault on Everest. :)
Ahaha, assault on Everest. Think ima switch to getting a MOLLE vest like Apex suggested. After looking at a few, they seem lighter and more customizable.
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