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Help improve my BOB

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Okay, this list is currently of what I have, I KNOW it's not much, but it's what i have been able to scrap together so far paying for college out of pocket and working at a deli :-|

Sewing Kit
Basic Medical Supplies (Bandages, Large Bandages, Tape, etc.)
250 Box Matches
Military Scissors (Tough sonsabitches)
Insect Repellant
Thermal Gloves
Weather Radio
Weather Proof Matches
Fingerless Wool Gloves
100 ft. Paracord
Hand Warmer x 4
Snare Wire
Pair Of Socks x 3
Stainless Steel Coffee Can
Flashlight (Not LED, to me those would give a position away to easily, this one is just bright enough to vaguely light up a map or compass.)
Small Wool Blanket
Small Soap Bar

To Get
Portable Water Purifier
UTG Sportsman Tactical Scenario Vest (Still browsing, may choose another vest)
More Spare Ammo
Mil-spec Waterproof 50L pack (Already ordered, but won't arrive for a good 2 weeks)
Nicon P-223 AR-15 Scope (It is a ACOG (I think) specifically designed for the AR-15 and 5.56 NATO rounds)
Backpack Tarp

AR-15 w/ Adjustable Butt stock / 3-Point Sling / Quad Rail / Fore grip / Bi-pod / Mounted Laser Sight (For close quarters) / 8 Magazines fully loaded
Glock Handgun w/ 3 extra mags fully loaded.
SOG Survival Knife

Again, this is a very basic list. I know you guys know what your talking about so I would value your input over anyone i currently know. As far as what i'm prepping for ? Anything in general.

NOTICE** - Removed the obviously stupid stuff, so now im down to these.
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Yep, I usually get a good laugh at Doomsday Preppers, too. And just saying, if I had those kinds of supplies, I don't think I'd want to be filmed and viewed around the country... But I'd say get a good compass, and ditto on the couple ways to purify water/start fires. And I have some 1,200 calorie Mayday food emergency bars in mine, they have a long shelf life, can be stored in extreme heat or cold, and don't make you very thirsty (from my experience). I get mine from Camping Survival, prices are cheaper than Amazon! :)

1200 Calorie Food Bars, Apple Cinnamon Flavor
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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