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Picked up a Nam era steel pot helmet a while back. Needs a new cover but it's better than nothing.
Ahhhh, yes! The good ol' steel pot.
You can wash in it; dig an emergency foxhole with it if your motivation is strong enough, such as incoming fire; use it as a parking brake for a jeep; sit on it; carry water from the stream in it; carry your cigarettes and a bottle of gun oil under the elastic band that is designed to hold branches to help you look like a bush; and many other uses.
Draw backs - in the monsoon rains the rear lip seems designed to pour even more water down your neck than it is already getting; don't fasten the chin strap or any close by explosions can give you a concussion; running requires one hand holding your rifle and one holding the pot on your head; and they are heavy.

I'd like to have one. Just to sit on the shelf, so I could gaze upon it in my old age. :tango_face_smile:
1 - 1 of 25 Posts