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Helmet choices?

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So I was looking in to some protection. I don't want to make myself a huge target, but head protection would be a priority. I have an M-1 Steel Pot Helmet from WWII, a PASGT Kevlar helmet from desert storm, and will be getting an M-18 Swiss Steelhelm. These, a long with a few construction helmets and motorcycle helmets, are my options at the moment. What do you guys think? Which should be used, if any?
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tHe PASGT will take the most accessory equipment; i.e. NODS, headphones like the skoggin dickeys can be adapted to it, it's probably lighter before you start hanging things on it, made for goggles, face shield mounts, dust covers, the list goes on.

My experience in the mil (non combat) was that helmets were something to help stick stuff on your head.

30.06 is the most common rifle round in the US, or at least used to be, maybe .556 now. And I don't want to get blipped in the melon by a 30.06 unless my helmet is a building.

But yeah, I'd take the PASGT.
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