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Hello. IngaLisa's prepping story in a nutshell.

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Obviously, I am new here. I have been 'prepping' since before it was called that, probably some 25 years. I organically garden an acre, raise chickens. (Yes, I have butchered and processed them. I much prefer hatching eggs and playing with the babies.) We eat a lot of eggs. I have a lot of different breeds of chickens. I save heirloom seeds from year to year. I can most of our food from the garden. In summer, I have 2 pressure canners going at once, all day long. I also dry some foods, bake breads that we freeze etc. We do freeze stuff, knowing that it could go bad if power is out. I'm a medical professional, so that area is covered. Heat with wood, so that is covered. I sew, quilt and I make soap. I live near 2 major rivers, and a lake nearby and public land nearby. One can hunt here too, if one is so inclined. The only thing I want to shoot is the hawk that ate some of my chickens, but alas, can't do that. Against the law. I do shoot, but there is more to prepping than handling a gun. I'm not all that into killing wildlife unless it's absolutely necessary to eat. If the time comes, the time comes. I have prepared wild game, so, I know the drill. I am exploring how to get my water well to work in a power outage, as well as looking at alternatives to get off the grid totally. I believe in sustainable living. I have a network of somewhat likeminded people, but, I believe I am the one with the largest skill set. I would like to learn more about foraging and also medicinal herbs. Well, that about wraps it up for an a nutshell.
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Welcome to the forum. We're happy to have you here.
welcome from Oregon. sounds like we might learn a thing or two from you as well.
Welcome to the forum if I havent already done so in your first thread. You sound like quiet the Suzie Home Maker! I only wished that I had such Mad Skills to offer! Talk about well rounded and jack of all trades...sounds like you can handle just about anything that comes your way. Hope to see you around and see you often so some of that knowledge will rub off a little on me! Being quiet the Neanderthal, I am sure I could use some additional "Refinement" and Domestication!
Welcome from Nevada. Sounds like we could learn quite a bit from you.
WOW. Talk about the "Ultimate Prepper"... You definitly fit the bill. There r people here that had talked about a well that could operate off grid, but cant remember who it was, will c if I can find it again. But I think that u can help a lot of us underling preppers get more knowledgable.
Thanks for your post n waiting eagerly for your future posts.
Welcome to the boards, glad to have you here. Oh I'm from Georgia by the way hello ya'll. just kidding. It always good to have a network of people whether online such as this or just people you know. I personally have a garden, now how to shoot and hunt with bow or gun and process. But I also have woodworking skills, masonry skills, mechanical skills, and survival skills, martial arts skills and so on. Everybody has different life experiences that can help others as long as we are all willing to share them. As a prepper not only do I want my family to survive whatever hits the fan but others as well. Just saying, not coming down on anyone, I will be glad to help anyone and share the knowledge that I have to whomever asks.
sounds like yer well rounded! welcome from los angeles
There r people here that had talked about a well that could operate off grid,
Hate to derail but is this the stuff your talking about ?

Ive been looking at a couple variations as Im on a well myself.
Welcome from Florida.
Except for the medical professional part you sound amazingly like my wife. (And yes I know I am a very blessed man).
We have a small hobby farm; my wife's the raiser of vegetables, tender of the horses, feeder of the chickens, baker of bread (and pies!). The Queen of her domain.
I still commute into the city 5 days a week to earn the money to keep everything going. I am also the fixer of what's broke, builder of stables/barns/sheds/fences, SWAT team when the chickens are threatened, wrangler of our herd of dogs.

Living like this had been a dream of my wife's for years, I am glad I had a part in making it happen. I grew up in South Florida back when it was paradise, before it became an over populated cess pool of drugs and crimes. Oh, how many times did we pray to God to be able to move to a place where there were more churches than bars. And He led us here - to a little homestead on a dead end dirt road six miles outside a one stop-light town. Cell phones don't even work out here. And we love it.
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Hi IngaLisa - You sound very much like me. I don't have chickens just yet, but they are on the list, for sure. You are well prepared!

For the well, have you looked into a solar-powered pump? Second to that, I would suggest a rain barrel to collect water and knowing where your local springs are. You can also at least dip drinking water from the well with a pint mason jar, or similar container, and a long piece of string. You have water already in storage in your water heater, pressurized holding tank and toilet tanks. That will suffice for a while in an emergency.
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