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Hello from the Desert!

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Hello! How's everyone doing? Just a Christian Star Wars nut checking in! :D

I'll be perfectly honest, I'm not a prepper. I'm not preparing for 'the end of the world' or anything of the sort...though getting ready for the next big earthquake probably wouldn't hurt anything.

I'm an author looking for an audience. Three months ago I wrote a book called 'Unshakeable'. It's about 'The Big One' hitting Southern California (8.1 magnitude following 'The Great California Shakeout' scenario) and the impact it has on an engaged couple on opposite sides of the San Andreas Fault. I was told that preppers might be interested in a book like that, I am.

I'm not trying to spam the boards. I'm just looking for an audience. :oops:
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Hello from Minnesota and thank-you for your honesty. Please post a link to your book and I'll have a look at it. I am always trying to find new authors that I like to read.
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