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Hello from the mountains of north western NJ!
New to the Forum and just wanted to introduce myself.

Having successfully survived 5 power outages in the past 3 years, I'll be scanning for tips and suggestions of ways to be prepared for natural disasters.
Hurricane Sandy just blew thru, and there are many folks who STILL don't have power and heat in NY & NJ. We were very lucky that the few trees that fell on my property didn't do any damage.

I've always been a "closet prepper", and because of that my family and a few dozen friends and neighbors were very comfy and well fed at my home.
4 years ago, I brought home a 5000w portable generator at a great deal. During an IceStorm and Hurricane Irene, it served us well, even though there were extension cords stretched all over the house.

Since then, I've installed a Reliance 10 Circuit Transfer switch, and ran some new lighting circuits around the house that would support a lights out condition and use of the generator. It worked great!

I also have been stocking up for the past few years on canned foods, pasta, rice, soups, sauces, fruit, batteries, lanterns, flashlights, (well, you guys know)...

As far as firearms, I have enough. Over the past years I sold off the firearms that were unused and replaced them with hunting and defensive pieces.
My sons and I compete 3 to 4 weekends a month, and I'm proud to say they are very capable gun handlers.

Well, enough rambling, as I said above I'm very eager to read all the different peoples view on what works & what don't!
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