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Hello from Maine!

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Hi guys,

I just found this site, while looking for some other prepper sites. I've mainly been over on and time to actually start talking introducing myself.

I live in Maine, great place but the prepper groups here are really small so that's why I've turned to these sites. Been prepping for about a year now, still learning lots of awesome stuff and keeping my gear up to date for the season I'm in. Just finished working on my SAIGA rifle, and started now on my newest project: building my own ruggedized computer. I know I could go buy one, but this project was the little sleep and lots of caffeine, and I kinda wanna know if it'll work how I want it too. If you hadn't guessed from the comment of little sleep and caffeine I'm a computer programmer/technician. While I do love my technology I especially enjoy the time AWAY from it at my camp which is in the middle of no where with no electricity or cell coverage :smile:.

Looking forward to learning more and talking with you guys so that I can be as prepared as I can be.
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Howdy from TEXAS, welcome to the forum!

Welcome from Louisiana.....
Welcome to the forum. I'm also a Mainer and I know there's a few more lurking amongst us too ;)
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welcome from Florida.
I grew up down here and am a Florida boy, but the blood in my veins is 100% Maine.
York County ancestors, all the way back to the 1700's, before there even was a Maine.
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