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Hello from Little Rock, Arkansas!!!

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Hope I'm not to late to the party. Started reading a lot of news and came back to faith and its like the veil of denial has been lifted. I've got a B.O.V. (85 blazer with 35's). Already building exterior roll cage and complete roof rack ( I'm a welder ). My family thinks I'm nuts because ive started stock piling food and water. and have converted my crawlspace as a shelter. I figure go to ground for 2-4 weeks then hit the woods. Im in Arkansas so woods aren't a problem.Again hello out there
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Welcome from Florida.
Hellooooooo Little Rock!
Welcome and that sounds like a plan to me. You may try some gardening as well for food staples. There is a lot of info as well friendships here keep prepping and again welcome.
hello to you, Im an Arkansan myself, helen/westhelena, had to move. Love L.R.. Welcome to the forum
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