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hello from iowa

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Hello from iowa. love everyones comments on here (for the most part). there seems to be a lot of well spoken preppers on here. im in the beginning stages of prepping. i have started a good stash of ammo and supplies but i will definitely learn a lot more from the folks on this site. keep prepping. molon labe
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Thank you. Hard to find anyone into prepping here in iowa. We are one of the better off states i guess and it gives everyone a false sense of security here. hope all is well in mississippi. trying to find other preppers in iowa.
Welcome to the forum, glad to have you here with us as well. Thats whats makes this place so awesome. There are many here of varying knowledge levels, many above me and many below me on the preparedness scale. That means there is likely to be a little something here for even the most experienced and thats what this forum is all about! Hope you find your time here as well spent as I do. Hope to see you around and see you often!
Welcome from Florida
Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. Glad tocbe here. Trainer shawn im from the dewitt area. what part of eastern iowa ya from?
Welcome from Nevada.
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