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dontlookatme said:
Hi, I'm from Houston Tx. also. I am beginning to prep. I don't have much money most of my money goes into bills and student loans. and gas. :( damn gas. I'm here to learn to be a good prepper. this forum is great so far. i hope i can contribute to the forums. and i hope i can learn as much as i can so when the shtf, i can be prepared. btw I'm 25/m/houston tx.
Welcome to the forum dontlookatme! I agree, gas is causing a lot of problems in the US right now. I heard though it was something like $12/gal in the UK? I'll ask some of our UK members. For me, food.... thats a huge expense right now and of course with rising gas prices you get rising food prices. The problem is, gas comes down from time to time, whist large chain grocery stores keep the prices up. For me, its the normal 3-4 stores a week to get the best prices, where I refuse to pay $3 for a can of tuna that is the same for $1 at a different store. Grrr....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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