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Greetings everyone! I am brand new to this site and i'm very happy to be here. I'll start by introducing my background and lifestyle and finish with a follow up. I'm 23 years old, Male, Very outgoing person, and like to leave everything out there on the table. My life growing up has been based on hunting/fishing which has given me great abilities to shoot and fish. I would go to school during the week as any young child would and leave the actions for the weekends. Saturdays would be a day for outdoor chores(mowing the grass, ect.), going out on hunting trips with relatives, or hanging out with friends around the neighborhood. Sundays would be designated for offshore fishing if I wasn't away on a hunting trip. As far as fishing I have caught it all... from little piggy perks to sharks. Hunting I have shot the basics such as deer, rabbits, boars, and birds. As I got older to around age 16 I was more interesting in making the #1 most evil item in this world today.. "Money". My parents were wealthy(not rich) and had good money but I wanted to make a life for myself and work for what's mine as I always have. I made my way thru high school and graduated. Then the problems started happening and by problems I mean "World Problems". My parents were in the car and mortgage industry and as you can see today they have both crumbled to the ground. I had been paying all my bills and had my own apartment and one day I "Woke Up" thinking why am I paying to live by myself when I can live with my parents and prepare for what WILL happen in the future. To this day I have been paying bills and partial rent for my parents house making it by on a thread. I am brand new to prepping as I have found out more information from the gracious souls of people on this earth about what is going on today and what has been going on my whole life. Where i'm at today is making it by paycheck to paycheck getting ready for the worst to come. I have guns and I have ammo. The question many may be asking is why did I not get food before guns and ammo? Which leads me to my follow up. I am currently looking for a friendly/inviting preparation group that I can join and offer my services of labor. I am looking for that place of comfort when things go wrong one day and will have the game plan already in place instead of saying "What do we do now?". I am not a freeloader, thief, or look for any handouts. I have worked all my life through thick and thin and have been blessed with that mind set. All I ask for is food and shelter with a new family to bond with and protect. If you have any leads or know anyone anywhere please email me- [email protected] - God bless everybody. The idea of freedom never dies.
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