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Hello from Europe

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Current Air Force, stationed in Europe. On the tail end of my career. As I near retirement and prepare to start looking towards what I want to do after I leave the military, I reflect back on what I've survived over the course of my military career. There's obviously been Iraq and Afghanistan, Hurricane Katrina, I was in Japan for the 9.0 quake and tsunami, Obama, gov't shutdown. All these were either non-issues or short term situations. I've come to realize that I am ill prepared for anything serious or long term.

I also see the writing on the wall. I am not an apocalyptic worry wart. I don't see a zombie apocalypse or a nuclear winter coming in my lifetime of my son's. Regardless, I've always had the mentality of prepare for the worst and hope for the best. It's gotten me this far in life and we've lived quite comfortably on that, and I've been successful in my career in life using that mentality.

I haven't been back in the US for almost a decade. Always stationed overseas. Not liking what I read in the news or social media. Just seems to me that American society as a whole is going in the wrong direction. Europeans and the Japanese are friendlier, more polite, courteous. Not saying ALL Americans are dirt bags, but I'll be frank - the though of sending my kid back to the US to college after he spent most of his life overseas worries me. I've been preparing him, telling him that most Americans are pretty blunt, more "out there" then what he's experienced. It's going to be a huge culture shock for him. Hell, it will for me when I go back quite honestly.

Anyways, I'm not going to lie - I'm Air Force. :) I'm sure I got some dirt chewers and squids around here. I can handle ya'll. I've rolled with ya. Most of my deployments were with Army, either joint taskings or ILO supports. I carried my own, but I don't profess to be a Solider by any means. I'm still a Chair Force guy. So I have a lot to learn, and that's why I am here. I can look at Youtube videos all day long, and I intend to. I'll get out and practice, practice, practice. But I also intend to read up here, ask questions, and get advice. Gonna start small, basic kits, backpacks, etc til I get back to the States. Once I settle in, buy a house, then I'll move towards long term solutions and whatnot.

I got 4 yrs left of service, and I'm going to try to keep them overseas, but right now they have me going back to the States in two years. So right now I just plan for two.

Anyways that's me. Thanks for having me.
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Dirt chewers. I like that. Welcome Drackore and thanks for your service. I always like you Air Force guys when I was in the 82nd. You were always nice enough to give us a ride when we needed one. America is definitely worse off than it was 10 years ago. Morally, economically, ethnically, full of entitlement, fat and spoiled. I'd find a nice spot in Europe and stay there if I was you, but welcome either way.
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I only had experience with one, but if that's they way it is throughout the Air Force, man, those guys live like kings!
It was the Transient Mess at Danang airfield, RVN. The food was great and they had actual choices, you could have seconds, when you were done a Baby San came to the table (table!) and took your tray away (tray!!). But best of all, they had fresh milk (WOW!!!).
Big stuff for a dog face fresh from a dust blown fire base just south of the DMZ.
From that moment on, even today, when a young person asks my opinion on what branch he or she should join I always say Air Force.
Yeah they do. Pope had some nice facilities, but I remember taking a trip out to some base out west that I thought was luxury. Barrack rooms like a Marriot, great food in the chow hall, very clean and up to date. Bastards. :mrgreen:
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