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Likewise, those whose plan is to bug out to the woods on foot with their BOB, but have never carried a loaded ruck for any distance let alone live out of one. PLEASE don't be those people. Find some quality training somewhere and take advantage of it, in addition to all of your other preparedness activities.
Due to my personal background, I am only going to comment on the quoted section, as I know that unless one is in an underground missile silo, or an abandoned military base embedded in a mountain, their location will definitely be breached.

Let me 1st begin by saying thank you for your service, devotion, & sacrifice for our country.

I totally agree with you that the vast majority of those that plan to "bug out" & venture into the wilderness are in for a horrible surprise, followed by a funeral. With that said, your mentioning carrying a loaded ruck sack for long distances is most curious. The military personnel that I have taught Bushcraft and wilderness survival to were carrying triple the Base Weight that I was schlepping, some even quadruple. At the end of the day, I was able to procure more water, forage more food, had a significantly warmer dryer shelter, and had consumed a fraction of the calories needed to achieve this compared to those I was instructing. I should also note that I was able to get more sleep too.

From what I have read of each of your members bio, you have had more extensive & specialize military training than I have, but wilderness survival is a different animal, of which I have over 40 years' experience, including a month's solo adventure, in the snow in the Catskill Mountains in December.

On the other hand, the tips your team could provide for those trying to hunker in, may truly benefit many here on this website. Those trying to bug out, well tbh, 90% + of them are going to have a harsh awakening, as it takes many years to hone those talents, a lot more than a 21 day SERE course.
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