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Have Current Events Changed Your Weapons Carry Principles?

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For example, I am contemplating changing one of my long held tenants regarding Firearm Weapons Carry.

In the past, I would surrender my carry weapon to my wife or leave it secured in my vehicle if we were out to eat and I planned to have even one alcoholic beverage.

But lately, I am thinking that this might not be prudent, should a need arise to defend me or mine.

What say you?
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Well, I don't drink unless my butt is firmly planted at home. Don't do the bars anymore so that's not much of a consideration for me. I have taken to carrying more weapons and magazines however. My carry gun plus extra mags and one extra in each truck plus spare ammo. Plus there is permanent gun in my tactical bag/briefcase that is always not more then a few steps from me while at work. All are 9MM to be consistent in ammo. On occasion if I am out and about in the city I will throw a 9MM carbine in the truck fro good measure.
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