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Have Current Events Changed Your Weapons Carry Principles?

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For example, I am contemplating changing one of my long held tenants regarding Firearm Weapons Carry.

In the past, I would surrender my carry weapon to my wife or leave it secured in my vehicle if we were out to eat and I planned to have even one alcoholic beverage.

But lately, I am thinking that this might not be prudent, should a need arise to defend me or mine.

What say you?
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Sword canes are legal in Florida, and as a limping geezer it would not get me a second glance.

I don’t drink, but y’all need to check your local laws. Illegal in Florida to be “in manual possession of a firearm while under the influence of alcohol.”
That means it’s OK in your pocket, but if you’ve had even one drink and draw your weapon you could be in a world of hurt.
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I never leave the house without a gun in my pocket, even to go out to the mailbox on the road.
There are always two .357 magnums in the truck.
Since a few weeks before the election, when things started to get crazy, I now have a 12 ga pump loaded with OO buck on the back floorboard of my crew cab. With 5 extras in a butt cuff and another box of 5 right on the floor.
This is Florida, completely legal to be armed this way.
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