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Have Current Events Changed Your Weapons Carry Principles?

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For example, I am contemplating changing one of my long held tenants regarding Firearm Weapons Carry.

In the past, I would surrender my carry weapon to my wife or leave it secured in my vehicle if we were out to eat and I planned to have even one alcoholic beverage.

But lately, I am thinking that this might not be prudent, should a need arise to defend me or mine.

What say you?
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I had 3 years of working in a very bad area, 53 of the cities 63 murders took place there. I never left home without my “American Express Card”.
Now, living in the middle of nowhere I carry for fun around the property. The dogs know it’s time to work when I have a long gun.

This past year was a wake up call for my better half. As she was watching riots unfold, she told me to get them outta the safe. One by every door, couple in the barn, one in each of our nightstands. She hasn’t wanted them put away 6 months later.
As I was getting them out, she got reinstruction on how to handle each and every one.

I almost feel sorry for the lost people that drive by my private property signs up my driveway. Their jaws drop when they see the welcoming committee.
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