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So the progressives have their stupid Earth Day, which used to be just called Arbor Day. But for some reason the name Arbor Day was not "inclusive" enough so they had to change it from a holiday where we plant a tree into one where we are all supposed to worship rocks and marvel at the greatness of filth. I guess it makes sense since hippies are usually covered in filth and they really do not offer anything else useful to society.

But for those of us that celebrate Earth Day by turning on every light in the house and leaving our trucks idling in the driveway all day, we need a holiday too. I think these guys have a GREAT idea:

Celebrate the Industrial Revolution --The Campaign in Defense of Industry and Technology

Let us have a holiday to celebrate the Industrial Revolution in general and the Robber Barons specifically! How much more fulfilling are our lives today because of John Paul Getty? I mean oil is dirty and all, but it is far more useful than hippie filth. Guys like Rockefeller (the original one from Cleveland not the idiot we have now from West Virginia), Ford, Carnegie, and Vanderbilt gave us the easy lives we enjoy today. So let's all celebrate the Robber Barons by punching a hippie in the junk!
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