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Ripon - Please give us photos as well as the detail on the family legends! (This is great stuff.)

I have a 20ga bolt action that my dad gave me on my 12th birthday, given to him on his 12th birthday by my granddad (he bought it used). I will be giving it to my grandson on his 12th (9 more years).
What make shotgun?
I've got a "thing" for old shotguns and 22 rifles. My 20 ga bolt action is a Mossberg 85B made between 1940-46. I also have a 1940 H&R Game Gun Model 120, it's a 16 ga bolt. And my favorite woods walking shot gun - a Mossberg 183KE, .410 bolt action with C-Lect choke.

And as far as inflation/deflation, it's very real. In 1972 I bought an M1 Garand at Woolworth's Department Store (remember those days?) for $268.
Sound good? Not really, 'cause a good wage at the time was 3 bucks an hour. In today's inflated dollars that price would easily equal $1,000 or more. I bought a brand new Ford F-100 at the dealer in 1974 for $3,600. How much are they today?
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