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The one thing that every country that bans the owning of personal firearms seems to forget is that only the LAW ABIDING citizens will comply (mostly). So, now that all the law abiding citizens have disarmed themselves, there are that many more potential victims. Criminals don't seem listen to gun control for some reason. They've tried it in Britain and Canada and I can tell you from personal experience that criminals have just as many guns as they did before gun control. Stupidest law there is. If you want to have some regulations then make it so that someone has to pass a cheap course before they can buy a gun.

Maybe people should be allowed to make the stupid decisions for themselves. If people continue to do stupid stuff after they have been told of the risks then remove their eligibility to own insurance in that area. If someone continues to be obese because they eat a horrible diet then make them ineligible for life insurance. Government in Canada tested the waters about banning sugar but letting the public get wind of a study with potential suggestions. Banning SUGAR!!! When will people be forced to accept the responsibility of their actions instead of asking the big wigs to run their lives for them? Murders, shoot 'em. Rapists, shoot 'em or castrate them with a rusty spoon. People who steal over $10,000 should be made to work for free until the amount is paid off (non of this bankruptcy crap). Public needs to understand that they are ultimately responsible for their actions and they should pay the price for their actions.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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