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This is a great post. Thanks
If any of you folks on here are against guns and against deadly force remember guns dont get into a bad mood jump off the shelf and shoot someone. People Kill People! Rosie is a piece of s***! There is a movement going on with gun control and I see they are using Rosie to target certain voters to get the support they need to get certain laws passed. The same thing happened with the Fast & Furious. If they disarm us we will have no defense against them. Do Not Give Up Your Rights!!! We are under a attack and they will stop at nothing to get control of us. Do not rely on your the education system to teach your kids anything be a parent and educate them yourself. Teach them about the importance of gun safety, safe sex, drug use, money, food. Well you get the point. You folks have a great day.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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