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This is a great post. Thanks
If any of you folks on here are against guns and against deadly force remember guns dont get into a bad mood jump off the shelf and shoot someone. People Kill People! Rosie is a piece of s***! There is a movement going on with gun control and I see they are using Rosie to target certain voters to get the support they need to get certain laws passed. The same thing happened with the Fast & Furious. If they disarm us we will have no defense against them. Do Not Give Up Your Rights!!! We are under a attack and they will stop at nothing to get control of us. Do not rely on your the education system to teach your kids anything be a parent and educate them yourself. Teach them about the importance of gun safety, safe sex, drug use, money, food. Well you get the point. You folks have a great day.
That's right on man. we have been losing our rights and Obama has just hit the gas. Operation "Fast an Furious" not the same as (Operation wide or Operation Gun runner receiver that ALL the guns). In Operation Fast and Furious they put tracking devices in 2 out of over 2500 hundred and let then fall into criminals hands for years and it got people killed here and in Mexico, they to claim we need gun banned because criminals get guns but don't mention they are the ones arming this violent criminals that gun shop owners will not sell to, the "National Resource Preparedness" Executive Order for government to control businesses and people with certain skills and the "Internment Operations and Resettlement" for re educating people on political views, WTF is that? Last I checked we live in America the land of the free or whats left of it, this in not China the USSR or WWII Germany why the hell isn't there a revolt? How can so few people know and more important why don't they care?

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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