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Greetings From PA

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Hello All,

I'm new to the idea of prepping and just starting to seriously investigate it. I've been very interested in some of the things I've seen on various blogs and YouTube vids and looking to learn more. I know I have a long way to go, being presently living in my car with my excess belongings in a storage unit but hey, everyone's gotta start somewhere :).

As for me, I'm 44 years old and the product of a lifetime of not worrying about the future. Thus, I have no money or establishment, little formal education, few salable skills, much debt, etc. I do have a reasonably good job and a 25-year, somewhat varied background in the unarmed security field. When an unexpected circumstance caused me to move for the first time out of a residence without having one to move *to*, I started thinking seriously about making some changes. Looking for ways to effectively operate in my current, somewhat diminished circumstances led me to prepper sites and here I am.

I grew up in the 70s and 80s and saw the survivalist movement from the edges and I'm pleased to see the sea changes that seem to have occurred in the intervening time. Today's preppers seem much more focused on living well in both current and possible future circumstances than the folks I recall meeting and reading about growing up and that seems a much more practical outlook to me. Or perhaps that element was always there and the Internet has just allowed a broader view from the edges, where I still am although now I'm heading inward :).

For now, my main focus is on portability for obvious reasons. When I get established again, hopefully I'll be able to establish a broader range of options.


Mark Beatty
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Another hello from Minnesota.
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