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Greetings from southern Missouri.

I came to this website not only because I believe in preparedness, but also for ideas and education. I own a number of former AT&T facilities, ranging from 30X50 buildings, to 40K square feet, one story underground, the other above ground. Foot thick concrete or thicker walls, some with blast doors, decon showers, etc.

I am looking for ideas. Maybe a coop on the larger ones? These are NOT the fully underground ones, (I only have very small ones of those, 8X10 or so) but these are still a seal up design, built to withstand a LOT. Fully defensible.

I know you see a few of these around, but they seem to be all hat no cattle. The people doing the marketing don't even own the sites they are marketing.

Ideas? Thoughts? A better place to put this post? The true story of life?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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