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Greetings from Colorado

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My dad always taught me to be prepared while we were out in the backcountry so that's where I first learned to be prepared for emergencies. Up until recently that was the extent of my prepper background. That changed a bit when we had a big fire here in Colorado, the Waldo Canyon Fire. While I was miles away from the fire I did get a notice to "pre-evac" and that proved to me I was unprepared to bug out if needed.

I work for a major outdoor retailer and if you're a member of it I'm sure you can figure out which one. :mrgreen: I recently did a class this past week on "Preparing for the Zombie Apocolypse" as a way to get people interested in prepring for emergencies. It was a huge hit with the largest wait list that we have ever had for any class so it looks like we'll be doing it again for sure. I am hoping to gain some knowledge for the next class from all of you nice folks here.
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Welcome to the forum Chris.... I'm just a tad bit south of you in the Springs.
Thats great... I work in the Springs
I wish we had a major outdoor retailer in my area...I've got a cheesy Big 5 is all.
I wish we had a major outdoor retailer in my area...I've got a cheesy Big 5 is all.
That sucks.... You can order online though... :)
Welcome to the forum. Yeah, I have to drive 75 miles to my outlet. Then its always swamped with tourists! Again, welcome!
Welcome from Florida!
Welcome to the forum from SW Ohio. I'm pretty new here myself and got here from the defensive carry forum.:smile:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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