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Greetings from central ID

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Just moved here from ME, that was a whole adventure on its own... R. Zangier here, finally got around to making an account after stalking for a few years. Let's talk survival and how it has a place is the will of humans!

Much of prepping and survival is mentality, equal parts to how much skill you obtain as well. What are your thoughts? What makes prepping, well, prepping? What are your thoughts about post-law combat?
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Wow good introduction. Is you any kin to Zig? Welcome from DFW Texas..we tend to pack big guns and know how to use em. lol. I always carry a collapsable baton ASP I am highly trained to know to use supposedly..a small jug of pepper spray..for less lethal a throw down knife for the alleged perp in case he forgot to bring his own weapon. We also have free lawyers to get us out of jail and a bug out location. Car is full of gas etc. What is left for a Mother to do? Thanks.
Sorry for the short intro, I'm a little 'noided from words of feds watching places like this on the down low. I hope to learn much from this community, so far I have enough firearm experience to out-shoot much of the midwest, and I can make a fire from scratch e-z. That and I'm ex-military, so there's that I suppose. Got my BOB, got my BOV, got a spot way in the willies, but one thing I don't have is trustworthy people to keep my place locked down :/
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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