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Great time to stock up on fishing gear

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I'm buying a lot of "off season" gear right now at walmart since the gear is on sale right now. Mainly 50lb test line for trip wire for security around the house. Going to tie "jingle bells to the line and hang it between two trees.
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Good tip man! I need some more line too!
I know that kmart has this going on as well. Depending on which one you go to, they usually put a yellow sticker on them and put them in the department that has the gear. I got some less than a month ago, along with hooks, bobbers and some line.
Bro' I always buy my fishing, camping, hunting gear at the end of the season or in the off season when Retailers are trying to clear out gear for new merchandise and are running some insaine sales of things I use. I swear to God my shed looks more like one of the ailes at Bass Pro Shop! Its the only way to shop!!!
bass pro shoppe i aint mad at you.
if i were going to do a small kit what should i get.
i dont know anything about fishing or eating fish
Best way to cook fish? Get a board made of apple wood. Filet your fish, season it with lemon and Greek's seasoning. Set the board with the fish on the grill at about three hundred. Cook until the board has turned black. Dump the fish in the trash and eat the board.

In all seriousness. It really depends on what you are fishing for. You're in LA right? Ive heard there is some great blackfin off the west coast.
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we use almost empty bags of chips like salt n vinegar and coated our fished and fried it up in some oil....makes for a good pan fry!!! and tasty at that!! have many flavours to choose from as well!....try this tip...its worth it.
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1 cup of flour, 1 cup Italian bread crumbs, 1 teaspoon chili powder, 1 teaspoon pepper or to taste.
Soak fillets in milk for an hour.

Remove and dry off, then dip in mixture. Deep fry until golden brown
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