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Google+ youtube fiasco. The internet lockdown has begun.

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Did a long video about it. They are finally trying to lock down youtube and make sure that anyone who comments or posts anything can be identified. It's not about marketing its about control. We are being corralled into a catch pen. People are NUCLEAR angry about it and yet they still step back and smile nervously. Yeah, I've seen that before. Obamacare.
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I'm tired of waiting. I don't want "it" to happen when it happens, I want it to happen now so we can get on with fixing it.
The reason you must wait for it to happen on it's own is a lot like how Obama grabbed power.
You have to wait until the people are ready,you have to have them beg you to "do something"
If you try to force it you become the bad guy the evil one.
Wait it will either fix it's self slowly in a wake up revolution in the normal cycle of elections
or in a ball of fire called uprising.
Any case it must happen on it's own timing.
If you allow them to make you angry, you will make mistakes . That is not Marital arts BS just a fact of combat.
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There are currently 73 members logged on 478 guest 2 NSA agents and 1 unknown.
Welcome to life under Obama. I try to avoid Google for many reasons.
Firefox is no better anymore either unless you use the TOR version
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