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I'm on a strict budget for prepping, and one of the things I'm wondering about, is the bug out bag.

I know a LOT of things can be had from the dollar stores, but is it worth it? Would you use the item in everyday life? What got me to thinking about this was a port o potty on a job site. I would do my business, and the TP was CHEAP. I could wipe and wipe, and still it seemed like I had a$$ rash at the end of the day. So I started wondering. If I wouldn't use this toilet paper in everyday life, would I pack it in my bug out bag?

Goes for anything. Deoderant, toothpaste, tools. If I buy the good deoderant because it works, why would I buy discount deoderant that doesn't work to put in my bug out bag?

I guess, what I'm asking, is is it "worth" it, or a good idea to pack "the good stuff"

Ideally, I guess you would only have what you need to get to your BOL, but what if you can't get there, or you DON"T have a BOL, and had to be on the move constantly?
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