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Good Mousetrap Bait

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Is Creamy Peanut Butter, it squishes in between the holes on the Victor Mousetrap and is hard for the little devils to lick out without getting the bar.

I'm 18 for 24 in the last month and a half.

A 0'fer is when the trap is licked clean and un sprung, or just sprung.
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I use this all the time. Works great just because the mice have to work so hard to get the PB out of the holes...therefor making it easy for the bar to move and get their skulls cracked.
Same here. I also like the tip traps. It's kind of a bitch to have to deal with live mice but these will catch the mice that are licking the PH off of the snap traps. So I run both kinds along with a little giant live trap. Tons of mice out here in the prairie.
i use condensed milk in the squeeze tube. i have scored two in one trap and clear evidence that after the trap has tripped the other mice have cleared the trap of the left over condensed milk. now either that mean the mice i catch are not scared of seeing their mates with crushed skulls or they freaking love condensed milk!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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