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i scored another 2000 rounds of 223 tonight for 600 bux. im well pleased. and thats out the door. 9mm i just picked up 1k for 170$ and i have 5230 of 22 coming from cabelas $170 shipped.
and a 14 gun DOJ safe i pick it up saturday. spent my whole trust fund check on stupid shit. not one gun :( now i dont got no spending money till february. the rest is just bills. and i wantedone fo them fancy light tents.
myson will come this saturday to help me manage my horde. its over stimulating. i think i need a rolling shelf system or something. im not sure.:-|
heeeeeeey ma!!!! What bout da po black child?? Here in texas
I iz broke (hbo( help a brother out!!!!!!! Lol)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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