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I have check out two local shops...One I had order 2 Colt New Agent Mags, A already have a few. They had gone through 300 plus 30 round AR mags over the weekend and still have pallets to restock shelves of this and that.

Another local shop I watched a couple max their Cards plus a chunk of cash for 2 Glocks, a Ruger SR15, Burris Scope (like you need that on a 16 inch AR), some other accessories and no Ammo as the store was sold out. Ouch is about all I could think.

Talking to a friend and getting serious about a CCW Permit we found a class that would hold it locally if we had 5-6 people attend.....By the next morning we had 20+ looking to attend.

In the past few months the Fedex guys have been dropping off shipments that were on the heavy side Marked ORD something and I have a few more coming.

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