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Gold and Silver??

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Hey all hope all is well I was talking with my brother in law and we decided to invest in silver bars.Has anyone else had experience doing this?
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Silver US coins 90% silver. They who'll be the most trusted and easiest to use. I'd start with a couple rolls of dimes. Then a couple rolls of quarters, halves, and silver dollars.

My opinion is same weights of US coins will out barter bars in spite of being 10% less silver.
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Most US coins are now made from copper/nickel alloy. Only pre 1965 coins contain 90% silver.
I doubt anyone posting here does not know that.
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We have never had an excess of money. But early on we decided to live frugally and forgo the material comforts in exchange for long range goals.
I'll admit, I wanted toys like dirt bikes and a hotrod Mustang and a big honkin' flatscreen w/surround sound to watch NASCAR, but my wife (God Bless her) demanded we stay focused.
My only vice is firearms. But mine were bought second hand with what I considered "found money" - during the time when the economy was great I recieved quarterly profit sharing bonuses. And my wife had no problem with me claiming them for myself.
And if I want to rationalize I could kid myself into believing my guns were bought to sell for a profit in our old age. :mrgreen:
I have always admired thrifty people. My wife is like that. I have always been the one to make money. She has always been the one to save money.
1 - 3 of 36 Posts
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