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Gold and Silver??

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Hey all hope all is well I was talking with my brother in law and we decided to invest in silver bars.Has anyone else had experience doing this?
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I'm with Denton on this one. I have been buying a small amount of silver nearly every month for about a year. It is slowly building up.

It has been said that gold and silver will be worthless during a SHTF or WORL. This is true but that can't last forever. Some here say brass and lead is better, I do both. Why focus on one thing when you have choices. I want something for when the dollar collapses or after TSHTF. Afterward people will want to barter. If you have either nothing to trade or nothing they want, will you just do without or try to take what you want. Some here have stated that's what they will do. I personally won't go there. I still think they will trade for PM's.

Some have said gold and silver will be worthless if the economy tanks. Is gold and silver only an American thing? No, it's global and will retain value even if the dollar tanks. China is doing a serious build up of gold. If the dollar collapses, will there gold be worthless? I don't think so. If the dollar collapses or the country collapses for whatever reason, will other people not except our gold and silver? Doesn't make sense, does it?

Gold and silver have been of value since man began buying and selling. Nothing will change that.
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Most US coins are now made from copper/nickel alloy. Only pre 1965 coins contain 90% silver.
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We (wife and I)invested our money in becoming debt free. We did this rather than buying precious metals. The peace of mind this has brought is priceless.
We have not had credit cards since 1985. We made do and did without and now own three trucks and one car, all paid for. The house and land, all paid for. Horse trailer w/living quarters (cowboy RV) - paid for. We have no loans of any kind.
We grow our food - vegetable plot and chickens. We've got a deer's worth of meat in the freezer. She just finished processing 11 hens and roosters and they are in the freezer. Organic eggs still warm from the hen are good eating, no hormones or antibiotics.
I could say more, but instead I'll say this - gold and silver may have their place if you are secure in all other areas, but if you're not, gold and silver are darned hard to eat.
"You say you're hungry mister? I'll give you two eggs for that there gold coin ya got.":mrgreen:
It took forever it seemed but right now we are debt free. No credit cards or loans and the house is paid for.

I didn't start buying silver before that simply because I couldn't afford it. I only buy small amounts at a time but after a while, it adds up.
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