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Go Bag/ Bug out bag for dogs?

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Well hello everyone! Im new to the forum and still learning my way around it. I was wondering if anyone has made a list or has posted what they have in thier doggy go/bug out bag? I typed it in the search but nothing came up. I thought for sure that there would be a list for the dogs under the "Strictly Bug Out Bags" but I guess not. Im a huge animal lover and I just couldnt image bugging out without my dog. I started making my own Go Bag for him but Im getting kind of lost on what else he will need beside food,water,toys,treats and a blanket. I realize that he will need a first aid kit but I think im just goin to buy one for the pet store so I know everything is safe to use on him. I could really use some help!! : )
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I have one... Here are some things you might not have thought of and why I have them.

Paniers - so your dog can carry its own gear
Food dishes - keeps the food clean and off the ground... no smell... won't attract other critters or leave a trace for others to find
Muzzle - sometimes you need to keep your dog quiet so it won't give you away, plus, if you meet up with others, they may not trust your dog and this may allow you to walk freely among them
Short leash - keep control of your dog in "tight" spots, plus... keeps control if you meet up with others
Long cordage - tie it across your camp and hook the dogs leash to it... lets your dog patrol your whole camp but keeps it from running off
Tweezers - for ticks or thorns/splinters in paws
Nail clippers - keep nails short... especially dew claws that can grow long enough to rub/cut into the other toes/pads
Hair brush - if you are in the wild for a bit... your dog is bound to get burrs and other crap in it's fur
Silent dog whistle - start training your dog to obey... then use it in the field (by the way... you should teach two different "stay" commands. One is stay and come when I call you. The other is stay, remain quiet, and don't move no matter what I do or say until I give the release command. The last one will keep your dog hidden in even the worst situations. You might also consider changing what words you use to command your dog. Use another language... or better yet... pick random words that no one could guess. Military Working Dogs are trained the same way.
Sulfadene - a skin treatment for dogs. Works on humans as well... but skin issues are your most likely issue (not counting mechanical injuries, gunshots, or fights with other animals)

Hope that helps.
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Booties or leather wraps are also great for ice-crusted snow. Doggy pads are tough but can still get cut.

DSMgirl... The muzzle is for those occasions when you have to control barking.
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