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Go Bag/ Bug out bag for dogs?

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Well hello everyone! Im new to the forum and still learning my way around it. I was wondering if anyone has made a list or has posted what they have in thier doggy go/bug out bag? I typed it in the search but nothing came up. I thought for sure that there would be a list for the dogs under the "Strictly Bug Out Bags" but I guess not. Im a huge animal lover and I just couldnt image bugging out without my dog. I started making my own Go Bag for him but Im getting kind of lost on what else he will need beside food,water,toys,treats and a blanket. I realize that he will need a first aid kit but I think im just goin to buy one for the pet store so I know everything is safe to use on him. I could really use some help!! : )
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We have BOB's for both animals (cat and dog) consisting of first aid, food and water for at least three days, and collapsible bowls for both animals. Also included are tweezers, a flea comb, a copy of records from the vet, a couple duplicates of their favorite toys, extra collars and leashes (with names of pet and contact info.) and a couple of treats for each. The food and water gets rotated out just like I would for myself and my wife, and I have also taken the initiative to make sure to have both animals micro chipped in case we are separated as well as current pictures of each. There's also a small cat litter pan and cat litter for obvious sanitary reasons, especially if we have to grab a room some where.

The dog has his own backpack that he's comfortable wearing it, and the cat has his own bag

Animals are just as sensitive to change and stress as humans are and probably more so, and being that I'm an animal person I want to make sure that I do everything I can to make them as happy and comfortable as I possible.

I try to keep in mind that I'm more likely to have to leave my house (right now anyway) because of storms or floods than because of a world WROL, and when my wife and I leave we are leaving by car, not by foot.
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